Pantiles Lodge to-day.

Until 1968, the Pantiles Lodge met in the Pump Rooms on the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells only a few yards from the historically discovered Chaylebeate spring which allegedly contained natural health promoting qualities.

As a direct consequence of re-development undertaken to parts of the Pantiles area, Freemasonry in Tunbridge Wells moved to a new purpose built premises at St Johns Road.

Pantiles Lodge meets 6 times per year on the first Wednesday evenings in the months of October, November, December, February, March and April, our meetings are followed by dinner, an important feature of Freemasonry where new and enduring friendships and associations are formed and enjoyed.

Our senior experienced Brethren are committed to support and assist newer members to develop, explore and enjoy their Freemasonry.

New members have the opportunity to develop and progress their Masonic journey according to their commitment, enthusiasm and interest.